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How To Properly (And Organically) Attack Powdery Mildew

powderymildew2Now that it was warming up and the bugs were starting to drift off, I thought my garden would be drama free for the rest of the summer. Unfortunately, I was in for a surprise: powdery mildew! I have a few squash plants growing in my garden: zucchini, pumpkin and butternut squash but a few weeks ago I started to notice white powdery spots on the leaves of my zucchini which quickly started to multiply and spread to my pumpkin and butternut plants. Oh no! Luckily, it wasn’t as serious as I thought it was and I found an incredibly simple solution. Continue reading


When Aphids Attack

3566108953_a35a945481_o I recently planted a Nasturtium plant in my garden but soon found it covered in tiny black bugs along the underside of the flower and the flower peduncle (the part that connects the flower to the stem). Horrors, I was dealing with aphids. I knew I wanted to keep my aphid-battles organic because I was planning on eating my Nasturtium flowers–they make lovely additions to salads and I also wanted to try making Hwajeon, a Korean sweet pancake that uses edible flowers. I went to my gardening books to try to find a solution. I read in one book that Cilantro is good at deterring aphids when planted next to targeted plants. Hurray! I actually had some Cilantro overflowing in another pot that I could easily move to next to my Nasturtiums. Unfortunately, the Cilantro companion-planning did not go over that well. Within a week there were still aphids on my Nasturtium. I had to find another mode of attack.
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