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The Dark Days Of Winter

Hello there old friend! I know I haven’t been posting as much lately, but sadly fall and winter isn’t exactly prime gardening time. However, fear not, I have some canning and cooking-related posts bubbling up to a nice boil and I will be focusing on those two areas as the days get shorter.

In other news, The Meat Hook, a new butcher that is housed with The Brooklyn Kitchen Labs, recently opened up and since it is right around the corner from me I decided to stop by and see what all the fuss was about. I am sort of spoiled in that I live in a neighborhood with quite a few butchers, bakeries and fish mongers, so I was surprised when I heard about a new “celebrity” restaurant-linked butcher shop (the butcher is run by ex-Marlow and Sons/Diner people) opening up in the area. A few months I ago I was disappointed with one of the other butcher shops near me when I went to go buy chicken and all they had was Perdue chicken breasts the size of a small lap dog. I’m not a foodie-snob by any means but come on: if I wanted Perdue chicken I would just go to the supermarket. I stopped by The Meat Hook to have a peek and was very pleased by their selection and service, so go there! Go now! Go MEAT!

Anyways, getting back to what was the real point of this rambling tale, I noticed that in The Brooklyn Labs section of the store that they had an amazing selection of home brewing ingredients and equipment. I have very little experience with home brewing but I was thinking about reading up on it and writing about it on this blog as a way to make up for my lack of gardening posts. So, once I get the guts (and funds) to buy some brewing equipment, expect to see some brewing-related posts.

Also: The Brooklyn Labs was pretty cool although it looked like it still was under construction. They had some bulk items, cheese and milk, some basic veggies and lots of strange and wonderful spices (although I still couldn’t find Dill seed, which I have been searching for since this summer when I was making pickles). If you live in Williamsburg you should definitely check it out.