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Gourmet Magazine The Latest Victim Of The Dying Print Media Industry

gourmetmagazineCondé Nast announced today that they would be folding Gourmet magazine, the nearly seventy-year-old food and recipe monthly. It is a sad day for food-lovers everywhere, myself included. Gourmet has a long and rich history and is a very well-respected magazine in the food world. It’s folding has shocked quite a few people, most of whom thought that CN would close the younger Bon Apetit over Gourmet. While the choice of magazine to fold does shock me, I can’t say that I am too surprised that food magazine are beginning to feel the brunt end of the great print media die-off. For one, food blogs have been increasing in popularity over the past few years, drawing higher influence and an increased amount of readers. As food blogs like Eater and The Kitchn have gained popularity, magazines like Gourmet have unfortunately fallen by the wayside. As food blogs have gained popularity they have also drawn the attention of advertisers. We don’t live in the dark ages of online advertising anymore, large companies aren’t afraid to advertise on established blogs and technology has allowed advertisers to track the effectiveness of their online ads. Sadly, this means that a lot of great magazines have been badly hurt by the drop in readers and the drop in advertisers. Hopefully, some day Gourmet can come back and regain its status as the best food magazine.