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Late Summer And Early Fall Canning Ideas

peachesinseasonWell, the height of summer is finally over and the farmer’s market is starting to swell up more each day with more and more produce. That means that we are starting to look into late summer and early fall canning items. Want to know what is in season and perfect for canning this month? Find out more, including canning recipes, after the jump!
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The Great Bug Battle: Fly Paper

flypaper2small This year I have had some serious bug problems. While I have already talked about my aphid problem (which has gone down considerably in the past few weeks) my biggest problem is flies.

The flies are small and slow and i don’t really think they are doing any damage to my plants, they are just annoying. It is hard to relax in your garden with your morning cup of coffee when there are little flies circling around you constantly. After swatting at my millionth fly before 10 a.m. I decided it was time to get rid of these troublesome flies. I headed down to the hardware store/garden center (Crest Hardware on Metropolitan Avenue and Lorimer Street if you are ever in Brooklyn) and looked for the best bug bombs I could find. Most of the fly catchers were designed for indoor use or looked too toxic for me to want to put anywhere near plants that would eventually end up in my belly. The bigger contraptions were way out of my budget until I saw a small pack of 4 fly paper rolls for on $1.29. Perfect! But would they work?
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