About The Brooklyn Gardener

Hello, my name is Maria and I love to garden.

The problem is that I live in Brooklyn, an area that isn’t exactly known for its thriving horticultural possibilities. But, I’d like to change that and offer an easy guide to urban gardening that might motivate other Brooklynites (and hopefully those living outside of Brooklyn as well) to grow more things in whatever space they have. This is basically my outlet for my gardening obsession since my friends are all getting pretty tired of hearing me talk about pruning, seed collecting and composting.

This blog is also dedicated to cooking using ingredients from my garden (or any garden) and preserving foods, a big passion of mine. I like to think that gardening, cooking and preserving are related to each other in some way, if not just because I enjoy them and they aren’t activities commonly associated with city living.

Here is a bit about me: I live in Brooklyn (duh) and I work as a freelance writer. I am currently an editor for Zelda Lily, a women’s interest blog. I also, on very rare occasions, write a “personal” (i.e., not garden-related) blog where I go nuts, basically. My favorite thing to grow is tomatoes, my favorite thing to cook is tomatoes and my favorite thing to can is tomatoes.

If you are as gardening, cooking and can-crazy as me and want to submit something to write, send me an email at shoutrooftopgardening[at]gmail[dot]com. Or just send me an email to say “Hi!”


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